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h_elo_2.jpgKeyboardist / composer / arranger / conductor and producer Heikki Elo´s musical experience covers a wide range of styles and formats. He started playing violin at age 7 and piano when he was 12. Since then he has played in several bands.

His credits as musical director / keyboardist / vocalist / arranger include many Finnish major artists. Heikki has performed on television repeatedly including live shows.

He has also performed in Asia, Australia, United States and in many European countries.

Heikki has experience as a producer and studio musician scoring for film, television and commercial recording, as well as album recording with major artists.

He has also composed and/or arranged music for Avanti, Helsinki Symphony Orchestra, The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Kuopio Symphony Orchetsra, Jyväskylä Sinfonia, St. Michel Strings, Pori Sinfonietta, Wasa Sinfonietta, Guards Band and Helsinki Police Symphonic Band.

Heikki Elo has a diploma in wind orchestra conducting from Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, where he  studied conducting, composing, film music composing and orchestration.


Selected works:

- Music (73 min) for symphonic wind band for silent movie "Safety last" by Harold Lloyd (2019).

- Music for several documentaries for YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company

- Music for several tv-series for number of channels
    - Främlingar 1808-2008 (Muukalaiset 1808-2008) (FST), Intohimona Taide (TV1),
      Sydänten Akatemia (MTV), Lämminveriset (MTV), Pelastajat (TV1), Laura Wou (MTV)

- Music for silent films  at Forssa Silent film festivals 2002-2009
    -“Metropolis”, Fritz Lang 1925, “The four horseman of apocalypse”, Rex Ingram 1921,
     “West of Zanzibar”, Tod Browning 1928, “The man who laughs”, Paul Leni 1928,
     “Au Secours!”, Abel Gance 1924,  “Entr´acte”, Rene´Clair 1924

- Music for several documentaries, commercials and industry films

- Violin Concerto 2008